Best. Sound Effects. Ever.

The Incredible Hercules: Love and War broke some new ground in funnybooks by having the greatest sound effects ever. Never have I seen them play such an integral role.

In honor of the 12 trials of Hercules, here are the 12 greatest SFX in Love and War.

12 – Sploingbrraahhhm

Namor dropping wreckage on


11 – Sproy Bloom!

Herc and Namora being

exploded out of the sky

10 – Pish Posh

Hercules and Namora landing in

the water

9 – Meeeaannarrraaganaa

A sea monster (obviously)

8 – Tic Tac Toe

Amadeus Cho being fired on

7 – Lqwwwrrrgh

??? I don’t even know how to

read this!

6 – Shtuuup!

Namora exploding a missle

(among other things)

5 – Krakkinajaa!

Namora kicking an Amazon

(appropriately) in the jaw


Two heads being cracked


3 – Nuhkrakk!

The sound of Atlas being

punched in the taint by


2 – Crakkajamma!

(See above)


Herc attacking the Amazons

and rescuing Amadeus Cho*

Honorable mentions go to: Kroik, Swoo-Bakok, Kasploosh, Skrrakkkabadooom!, Skrim! Skraam!, Schmackooom!, and Speerra-Booooom!  Thanks for playing our game, you’ll be going home with a travel edition of “Sounds Things Make When They’re Hit”.

(And please do notice all the FX that focus on hitting things, lest anyone think I was lying about all the action in this book.)

*The first peson in the comments to describe what’s so great about this effect gets to…I dunno, post something on behalf of the Facebook group.