Guest Review: Bear

Friend of the Blog David is probably — aside from our families — the only other person Matt and I still see that we’ve known as long as each other.  It only makes sense, then, that he be our first guest poster.  He emailed us the other day to tell us about this new comic he stumbled across, and he was so convincing we asked him to write something up.


Bear follows the quirky adventures of a teddy bear…
He’s Bear, He’s Bear…As he faces the hyper-violent antics of his owner’s cat Looshkin.
… He’s made of human hair,
Poke his nose and his head grows,
He’s Bear, He’s Bear, He’s BEAR!  It’s Garfield on crack.  Read a story:

Each issue of Bear has:

  • Beautiful painted cover!
  • 3+ feature and backup stories!
  • Disturbingly cute images!
  • Cutely disturbing images!
  • Fun crammed into every available space (and sometimes orifice)!
  • British slang!

Bear is the first published work of Jamie Smart. The comic ran 10 issues from 2003-2006, published by Slave Labor Graphics (also the publisher of one of Bear’s inspirations Milk & Cheese).  It’s since been collected into two trade paperbacks and released online (without the backup stories).  And more might be coming.

I rescued 6 issues of Bear from the discount bin.  There’s *always* treasure in the discount bin.  I thought my wife would like it, and both she and I love it.  Now I need to get the other 4 issues…

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David (Guest post)