Everywhere you want to be… THE LIST!

In any given week there are approximately 32 books featuring either Wolverine, Deadpool, or both. And there’s more to come. Here’s a sample of titles you can look forward to reading at your local panel story pamphlet dispensary.

Agents of Deadpool

Deadpool: No Class

League of Extraordinary Deadpools

Deadpool Crisis

Deadpool: The End

Deadpool: Year One

House of Deadpools


Wolverpool, a Tale from the Amalgam Universe

Wolverine 1,000,000

Untold Tales of the Wolverine

Wolverine, Inc

Love and Wolverines

What if Wolverine…?

Wolverceratops vs Deadpooladactyl

House of Wolverines

This Week’s Books — And a Quasi-Apology

Diamond releases for 10/28/2009

It’s a stupid week for me this time around…

  • BATMAN #692 – Meh. Winick is an issue or two away from making me give up until the next writer.
  • WORLDS FINEST #1 (OF 4) – I don’t even remember the premise for this one, but I’ll give it a shot.

So, since it’s such a light week and there’s not much to comment on, I’d like to give props to Marvel for Deadpool #900 a couple weeks ago. I confess to not understanding the Deadpool Team-Up reprint, but the rest of the book was pretty solid. A crazy alien story, a clever silent story featuring mimes, a messed-up story with art by The Rob, and a funny CSI-style hit were all highlights. My only real complaint was the “real world” story that seemed way too hostile to the fans, much like the end of Wanted.

I also had the chance to flip through last week’s “Puppy Power: Bo Obama” book and feel like I may have been too harsh on Bluewater. I still feel like it was a shameless cash-in, but at least it tried to teach something about the United States.

Also, Stuff of Legend #2 didn’t come out at my LCS.  Did anyone get it?

So, that’s it for me. What are YOU getting?