Were you aware of it?

Animals have been used for military purposes practically since the invention of war. The most obvious examples would be the horses in a cavalry unit or homing pigeons to send secret messages. However, one of the most bizarre and extreme examples occurred during the War of 1812.

The British were eager to capture Washington DC because it’s access to water. The reason for this was that they needed a sufficient port to unload their secret weapon: King Colosso!

King Colosso was unleashed and immediately told to destroy the monarch-hating yanks. Undoubtedly the war would have ended differently had Colosso managed to capture New Orleans, having sacked Washington DC and decimated forces in a southward fashion. Much to the surprise of the redcoats and King Colosso, the American forces under the command of General Andrew Jackson had discovered Colosso’s weakness. Old Hickory had learned that Colosso’s hide could only be pierced by cannonballs fired from the mouths of alligators. The reptilian artillery kept the giant beast at bay. While the British returned home, Colosso was forced into the wilds of Tennessee to lick his wounds. It was years later that he was captured by the frontier hero known as Tomahawk.

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