This Week’s Mysterious Comics

It’s a week of trials this time around.  Or at least trial and error.

  • BATMAN AND ROBIN #13 – B&R has been consistently great, but with the current Return of Bruce Wayne tie-in happening right now, it’s by far the best Batman book I’ve read in some time.  I’m putting this right up there with Morrison’s All-Star Superman.  Except with, you know…Batman.
  • BRIGADE #1 – I honestly can’t believe we’re getting another 90’s Liefeld throwback.  I always thought Brigade was one of the worst of The Rob’s paramilitary superhero comics, but I may still be tempted to pick this up if Liefeld’s doing the art with the painted-style coloring that showed up as a preview in Image United.
  • HIT-MONKEY #1 (OF 3) – I like the concept, but the cynic in me thinks this is just a cash-grab using Julie Schwartz’s theory that comics always sold better with a gorilla on the cover.  Still, for 3 bucks I may bite and give it a try.
  • MARVELMAN FAMILYS FINEST #1 (OF 6) – I’m a huge Miracleman fan, and I’m pretty excited that Marvel may finally reprint (or dare I hope?) finish Neil Gaiman’s run.  Still, I’ve never had the opportunity to read any of the original Marvelman material, and I’m looking forward to the chance.  If nothing else, it should be fairly insane.
  • SHADOWLAND #1 (OF 5) and THANOS IMPERATIVE #1 (OF 6) and X-MEN #1 – Regardless of what publishers may think, there is such a thing as “event fatigue,” and I have it.  I just lack the interest or motivation to keep up with whatever terrible line-wide crossover is supposed to the the big, new, status-quo shattering event.  Of course, Marvel kicks off three new events this week (granted, Thanos Imperative is a reprint).  Sorry, Marvel. No.  You JUST got the 616 universe back into a recognizable shape.  Let’s keep it that way for a while, shall we?

Last month Matt swore he was done with Green Lantern, but I’m hoping he makes an exception for last week’s issue.  Featuring Lobo — the 90’s most inexplicable fad — hunting down Atrocitus, this issue was
all action, something we don’t really see enough of in Geoff Johns’ comics.  While I’d hate to see him regain his Deadpool-like status he had 15 years ago, I really enjoyed this issue and felt like Lobo was making the meta-commentary I have been for the past year.  The conclusion wasn’t especially original, but I liked it, and it set the groundwork for a story that could prove to be really interesting if he decides to follow it.  We also finally got the origin story of Dex-Starr, the Red Lantern cat, and it read a little too much like “Dream of a Thousand Cats” but I liked it.  This was a solid, fun chunk of storytelling, and I wish more of Blackest Night And Its Infinite Crossovers had been this well done.

That’s it for me.  What are YOU looking at?  And don’t forget, new comics come out on Thursday this week.

This Week’s Comics — For Real, This Time (Kinda)

The word from Diamond:

“Due to the East Coast snowstorm and associated power outages, an interruption occurred in posting our New Releases and Upcoming Releases data. However, the information below is the the most accurate data for items shipping on 2/10/2010. Text files and .pdf files will be made available at a later time as we work through the winter storm affecting the east coast of the United States.”

They’ve posted their best guess at what’s coming out.  Here’s what I’m looking at:

ADVENTURE COMICS WITH BLACK LANTERN SUPERBOY #7 – I won’t buy it, but the title is of the WTF sort that always interests me.
BATMAN AND ROBIN #8 – Dear Grant Morrison, Even though I didn’t understand the last issue, it wasn’t your fault and I still love you.
HAUNT #5 – This is the end of the first arc, so it’s probably also the end of my picking it up.  Still, it was a pretty solid read for your $3, and I expect I’ll still look in on it from time to time.
HIT-MONKEY #1 – I have no clue what this is, but with a Frank Cho cover (and insides?), as long as there are some extra pages for my $4 I’m in.
MARVEL BOY URANIAN #2 (OF 3) – Jeff Parker.  Agents of Atlas.  Golden Age reprints.
MUPPET KING ARTHUR #1 – Matt will probably review this (and like it), so I point it out.  Still, I’ve never been big on the adaptations.
MUPPET SHOW #2 – If there’s a supreme deity in this universe, Little Statwald will be what I hope it is.  Hijinx ensue.  Buy this book, thank me later.

So, that’s it for me.  What are YOU getting?