This Week’s Comics

Welcome to the first installment of 2011’s weird experiment, where I look at the new comics coming out this week that I probably won’t buy for 3 months.  SCIENCE!

  • 27 (TWENTY SEVEN) #2 (OF 4) – Well, right off the bat we come to one I WILL pick up this week, since it’s an Image book.  I really enjoyed 27 #1, wherein a musical genius gives up everything to regain his talent.  This is a quite promising story, but I hope this becomes more about the price we’re willing to pay to regain something we’ve lost rather than just a story about a guy who can’t play the guitar anymore. Either way, Golden Age format!
  • AVENGERS CHILDRENS CRUSADE #4 (OF 9) – Despite hearing some pretty positive things, I haven’t picked this book up.  With the new rules, sure we’ll give it a go.
  • BATMAN BEYOND #1 – The Batman Beyond mini was a surprise winner, and I’m glad it’s getting an ongoing.  The concept and creative team have some real legs.
  • DC COMICS PRESENTS LOBO #1 – This is one that will have to pass the flip test to go on the list, but why not?
  • STARMAN CONGORILLA #1 – Despite my love for Mikaal Tomas in the 90’s Starman series, James Robinson has seemed to go out of his way to make this an all new, all different character since his reintroduction in Cry for Justice. Still, I’m a sucker and will love to add this to the list.
  • STEEL #1 – Steel hasn’t held much interest for me other than his appearances as the Justice League’s “Forge” in Grant Morrison’s run, but I’m willing to give it a shot.
  • THANOS IMPERATIVE DEVESTATION – I’ve spoken in the past about my love for Thanos.  I’ll be looking for the rest of the Thanos Imperative issues at a discount, so I may as well add this to the list.  I just hope they spell “devastation” right on the cover.

After talking with Matt last week I was finally able to cut the cord and let Green Lantern go.  Similarly, I couldn’t bring myself to pick up last week’s THUNDER Agents reprint.  I was happy to see Shield came out, although I was horrified to realize I had completely forgotten about it since it hasn’t shipped in so long…That’s never a good sign.

I also got hooked up with the first two issues of the highly-scrutinized (by me, anyway) Batman, Inc.  It was brilliant, as hoped, and if anything convinced me that Grant Morrison knows what he’s doing, it’s when Selina asks Bruce what he’ll do when Batman’s enemies come after Bruce Wayne and he replies “You’ll see.”  I’m looking forward to it.

That’s it for me.  What are YOU looking at?