This Week’s Comics

Such a fun batch of comics this week!  Here’s this Wednesday’s new and noteworthy titles.

  • AXE COP TP VOL 03 – I skipped Volume 2 because I picked up Bad Guy Earth in the single issue format, but with volume 3 the Nicolle bros. continue the printing of their webcomic.  Damn fine madness!
  • BATMAN ODYSSEY VOL 2 #6 (OF 7) – Kudos to DC for getting their act together on this book, as it’s been shipping pretty regularly. Unfortunately, volume 1 was unreadable, so I’ve passed up volume 2 completely.
  • GOON #38
  • PROPHET #23 – The first arc of the “All-New, All-Different” Prophet wraps here.  Good, low-key sci-fi that you should be checking out.
  • REED GUNTHER #9 – Despite reassurances from several sources that this is a good read, my LCS doesn’t get it!  So I may never find out.
  • ROCKETEER ADVENTURES 2 #1 (OF 4) – I’m very glad to see this Rocketeer anthology return, and the news of an ongoing is certainly welcome, as long as IDW doesn’t oversaturate the market with poor content (see: Godzilla).
  • STEED AND MRS PEEL #3 (OF 6) – I wound up missing issue 2 and then realized I didn’t really miss it.  Should I go back and give it another try?
  • THUNDERBOLTS #171 – My enthusiasm for this book as been waning; I think it’s stretched too thin by the publishing schedule, but it’s still pretty solid.  Enjoy it now before it becomes Dark Avengers!

I haven’t had a chance to read any of last week’s new comics, but that’s okay because I found a copy of Daredevil #1 (the new series, let’s not get crazy) and got to read the first four issue of Mark Waid’s new title.  I mentioned being impressed by #8, but 1-4 prove it’s not a fluke.

Matt and I met up a couple weeks ago and he mentioned he’s never been a Daredevil fan.  We didn’t get to delve into that any further (I suspect daredevils killed his family when he was a small child), but this is definitely a DD run unlike any other, so I feel it’s worth examining on it’s own merits.  It doesn’t diavow anything that’s come previously, but it definitely takes the approach that the character is getting a fresh start.  For one, it’s not a dark, dour affair.  And complimenting that, it’s definitely a superhero book.  In these first issues he fights The Spot and Klaw.  The Spot, for crying out loud! And not just played for laughs.

Waid manages to meld the best of Superman and Batman in Matt Murdock, in that he can’t help but hear and address crime across New York, but has only martial training and good intentions to back it up.  (Waid manages to throw in a little Hal Jordan/Tony Stark as well, playing up his fearlessness and the the ladies man aspect of his character that MUST have been present this whole time, but never really addressed.)

Marcos Martin and the Paolo/Joe Rivera team are swapping off the art duties.  Both are incredibly strong draftsmen and storytellers, and both have novel new ways of displaying Matt’s radar sense, but if you made me choose, I’d pick the Riveras as the stronger team, if for no reason OTHER than how they showcase the radar.  It’s truly amazing.

If you — like Matt — have been on the fence (or are off the fence completely) on Daredevil, if you enjoy superhero comics you’ll enjoy Daredevil.  The comic springs to life in your hands, and it’s enthusiasm is contagious.

That said, that’s enough for this week.  What’s looking good to you?