Sweet Smell of Success…THE LIST

Signature scents are a multi-million dollar business for the Hollywood and sports set. It is no different in the world of capes and cowls. What else could keep Spidey in web-fluid? This week we look at the world of perfumes and colognes in a list I like to call “Smells Like Team Spirit.”

Hank Pym’s Desperation – This scent comes in both a perfume and a cologne. It effectively captures the essence of Hank Pym with a blend of comic book convention, drunken party hook-up, and subtle after tones of mom’s basement. Sold exclusively through Hot Topic stores.

D-Man’s Eau de Nuit – New York.  The Big Apple. The City That Never Sleeps.  There’s a certain joie de vivre in the city and its essence can be boiled down to it’s smell.  An unseemly mix of burning tires,
sour milk, and the aroma of 19 million people, Eau de Nuit captures the soul of the city, shakes it up and says “this is me, this is who I am.”  Caution: may burn eyes.

Aquaman’s Eau d’Eau – Smells like being smacked in the face with a fish.

Riddler’s Enigma – This olfactory assault combining Parmesan cheese, cod liver oil and rancid fat will have the women mystified. Puzzled as you walk by, they’ll scream “What is that smell?”… That’s the Enigma.

Kurt Wagner’s Nightcrawler – A deep musk scented with just a mysterious hint of smoky brimstone, this scent will have you
swashbuckling like the pirate you are!

Dr. Strange’s Sorceress Supreme – This exotic blend of patchouli, vanilla, and lapsang souchong is a power scent guaranteed to help you reach new heights in the boardroom or the bedroom.

Man-Thing’s The Touch – A strong musky smell reminiscent of fresh cut grass. Wearing this on a date will ensure that you reach her nexus of all realities.

Kara Starr’s Power Girl – You may not have an enormous exposure of decolletage, but you’ll smell like you do.

Ken Hale’s The Jungle – A subtle aroma of banana sends you swinging through the trees in this new scent, evocative of the paradise that is jungle.  A truly unisex eau de toilette, The Jungle is perfect for any boy or gorilla.

Monday’s Haiku

Instead of stopping for the night like a reasonable person, I drove from Charlotte straight home. Didn’t get a chance to logon at all yesterday, but I did compose the haiku while driving through the marsh lands around Pascagoula, MS.

If you’ve never been in that part of the world, it’s near the Gulf of Mexico and the water tends to be brackish with lots of vegetation: living and rotting. With this setting, the unique odor, and the on-coming night rattling in my head, the haiku came naturally.

In the damp and must,

Reborn of decaying plants,

Unliving/ undead.