Jazz — Secrets!

I got my name from the greatest musician of all time: DJ Jazzy Jeff


People don't understand that I'm not wearing sunglasses, I ONLY HAVE ONE WEIRD-SHAPED EYE!


What's big, white, and looks like a bitch? Leader-1!


I wrote all the music I played in the old show. I gots that shit bumpin'!


Man, after that whole Unicron business, I never got seen again. They apparently wanted to go in "another creative direction."


Superhero Confidential – Special Cybertron Edition

Who is the MUSICAL PORSCHE that threatened to walk when the suits tried naming him "HIP-HOP"???

Which TINY APIS is rumored to be packing more than GEORGE BURNS???

What HEADLESS ARACHNIDBOT was busted trolling for LADY ROBOT SQUIDS???

Which DECEPTICON is really a fleshling-operated suit piloted by COBRA COMMANDER???