This Week’s Comics

Let’s just dive in to this week’s new and noteworthy titles!

  • AVENGERS #22 and NEW AVENGERS #21 – Now that my pull list experiment is over, I must confess that none of the Avengers titles have impressed me that much, other than Warren Ellis’ Secret Avengers.  These guys get the drop.
  • DAREDEVIL #9 –I’m really hoping this is a good jumping-on point.  It should be, since the Spider-Man crossover is wrapped upand it’s been killing me that I haven’t been able to find a good spot to start this title yet.
  • GLORY #23 – Based on how much I liked Prophet #21, the first of the Extreme relaunch, and the Extreme 2012 preview, this looks to be a good, funny read.  And I say that even having hated the Alan Moore issues…
  • THUNDERBOLTS #170 – I think Thunderbolts is the first series I’m completely up-to-date with buying, if not reading.  Jeff Parker’s worked in a ton of twists and turns and it stays amazing.  This is probably my favorite superhero book right now.
  • VENOM #13.2 – Wait, now there are POINT TWO books?!?!?!  Is this part of Circle of Four, too?  I’m all confused!  I wonder if Rick Rememder isn’t writing this one, too…

That’s it for this week, folks.  What looks good to you?

This Week’s Comics

Man, there’s only one book for me out this week! I can’t remember the last time that happened.

  • VENOM #13.1 – I don’t understand what’s going on here at all. Venom #13 just shipped with a new story (the New New Fantastic Four) a couple weeks ago, and now here comes a “new jumping-on point”? Marvel, time to all get on the same page!

I suppose it’s good that this is a light week, as I’ve completed a few important runs this week. I’m now current (on finding, not reading…yet) Jeff Parker’s Thunderbolts. Every single issue is just a joy to read. I’ve also been trying to figure out who Kev Walker’s Juggernaut reminds me of, and it’s Marv from Sin City. I’ve also found all of the issues of Flashpoint, the end of my DC’s incarnation. The most expensive issue was #1, at $3.25. I hadn’t really been looking forward to it, but I imagine it will be a bittersweet read as it signifies my drifting away from DC.

Sorry for such a light report, but the books are what the books are. What’s looking good to you this week? It’s the perfect chance for me to jump in on something new.

This Week’s Comics

It’s an especially light week, what with my not getting an New 52 titles and not padding my pull list with Marvel titles I wouldn’t  ordinarily pick up (like this week’s Avengers).  So this week’s This Week’s Comics is what I’ll actually drive home with, which is nice.
It was great to pick up Jeff Parker’s Hulk and Thunderbolts fresh, though.

Anyway, here are this week’s new and noteworthy titles.

  • PIGS #5 – The mystery gets deeper and Nate Cosby — an editor for Marvel  — shows he knows how to build it right.  I’ve complained some recently about aimless mysteries that exist for their own sake, and this is not one of those examples.*
  • ROGER LANGRIDGES SNARKED #4 – We’ve spoken at length about this title and writer/artist Roger Langridge.  We are fans of both.
  • STRANGE TALENT OF LUTHER STRODE #4 (OF 6) – What if the characters Mark Millar came up with weren’t completely sociopathic shitheads?  If that idea appeals to you, so will this.

That’s it for me this week.  What looks good to you?

* Matt asked then if Morning Glories was one of those titles and at the time it wasn’t, but I’ve just finished the second trade and we still have absolutely no idea what this school is, what it’s trying to do or why it’s so evil.  Twelve issues in.  I’m enjoying the book but that’s still a big FAIL.

This Week’s Comics

A new year, a new batch of comics, but at least they’re still shipping on time!  (That’s tomorrow, kids.)  Expect more mainstream titles to appear now that my experiment is over, but I’m still putting a halt to $4 books not released by independent publishers.  Marvel and DC should know better. That out of the way, here are this week’s new and noteworth titles.

  • AVENGERS X-SANCTION #2 (OF 4) – The event sucker in me is all over this even as the fiscally responsible side doesn’t care.  This is one I won’t pick up this week but will wait until I can find cheaper.
  • GODZILLA LEGENDS #3 (OF 5) – I’ve spoken somewhat in depth about this title, and how it’s essentially horrible but still finds certain redeeming qualities.  Still, I’m over it unless there’s an absolutely insane cover.
  • GOON #37
  • HULK #47 – Hello, Jeff Parker!
  • PUNISHER #7 – I should be caught up on Rucka’s Punisher very soon, and I’m looking forward to continuing the run in real time.  I never thought I would say that about a non-Ennis Punisher.
  • THUNDERBOLTS #168 – See also HULK #47.
  • UNCANNY X-FORCE #19.1 – I’m about 8 issues behind on UXF, but these .1 issues are supposed to be good jumping-on points for titles, right?  In I jump, and it will determine whether or not I stay on the…trampoline?  What a weird metaphor.

That’s it for this week.  What looks good to you?

This Week’s Comics

What a great week for new comics!  Two Hulk books, two Jason Aaron books, two Jeff Parker books, and a new  Kupperman!  Marvel and DC sure are working hard to get me back when my embargo ends, that’s for sure.  Here’s this week’s noteworthy titles.

  • AVENGERS #20 – One of the title’s I’m furthest behind on, due to some hard-to-find early issues.  This is one I wouldn’t have added to the list if not for the experiment, but is a good case study.
  • DAREDEVIL #7 I’ve finally been able to find a few DD back issues, but man, has it been tough!
  • GODZILLA KINGDOM OF MONSTERS #10 – Issue 9 was JUST good enough to have me come back, but like Green Lantern back in the day, it’s on notice.
  • HULK #46
  • INCREDIBLE HULK #3 – Jason Aaron.  Nuff said.
  • TALES DESIGNED TO THRIZZLE #7 – Two issues of TDtT and the Autobiography of Mark Twain, all in one year?  It’s a Kupperman renaissance!  Pick of the week!
  • TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES ONGOING #5 – IDW is having an unfortunate run of books that start strong and go nowhere.  TMNT isn’t as bad as Godzilla, but the end of the last issue, ostensibly the end of the first arc, felt like such a tacked on afterthought that it ruined the book for me.  In the middle of all the action…suddenly it was all over.  Poorly played.  I’m still on-board for a little while, but I’ll be casting a suspicious eye on this one.
  • VENOM #11

My new comic reading from last week has been somewhat abbreviated, as I spent most of my comic reading time plowing through the Ann Nocenti/John Romita, Jr. Daredevil run.  I did read the second issue of Godzilla Legends, though, and despite an amazing cover the inside was a complete waste of time. You would think based just off the title, Godzilla Legends would feature stories showing what qualifies these characters as legends, but instead we just get a generic story about a dumb kid and his dad, and Rodan happens to show up.  Vankin and Gane aren’t the same creative team as last issue, but they were IDW’s last chance to win me over.

That cover, though…wow.  I spoke some last month about Art Adams’ _________ cover, how the roaming eye and the unhinged jaw made him look completely insane, to the point where I felt like Samuel L. Jackson explaining the asymmetry of villains in Unbreakable.  This month Adams does the normal cover, leaving Chris Skalf to paint Rodan like a deranged Skeksis.  This is the most insane cover I’ve seen this month, and I love it!  While I may come back for more glimpses of madness, I will not buy buying any more Godzilla Legends.

That’s it for this week, my running pull list has been updated.  What looks good to you?

This Week’s Comics

Wednesday is only 2 days away!  Here’s this week’s noteworthy titles.

  • ARSENIC LULLABY DEVILS DECADE TP – I’ve been a big fan of this title since discovering it at SDCC in 2000.  Even at its best the publishing scheudle is erratic, but if you’re a fan of incredibly wrong humor, it’s well worth looking up.
  • HULK #45 – The best way to describe this book is “Jeff Parker makes the Hulk hit classic Marvel monsters.”  Brother, if that doesn’t sell you, I don’t know what will.
  • JACK KIRBYS FOURTH WORLD OMNIBUS TP VOL 01 – Recently I’ve been curious if Jack Kirby’s Fourth World material had been all collected in one place in chronological order, then yesterday out of nowhere I was reading a five-year old issue of Birds of Prey and saw this book, offering just that.  This will be the first of four volumes, starting a paperback release this very week.
  • PUNISHER #6 – I’ve heard some great things about Rucka’s Punisher, but here’s where I stop adding it to the pull list until I can verify that firsthand.
  • VENOM #10
  • VILLAINS FOR HIRE #1 (OF 4) – FotB Andrew put Heroes for Hire in my hands and made me read it, and darned if he wasn’t right about its high-quality superheroics.  I’m curious how it fares after the change.

A couple other things I wanted to mention:

  • Our Twitter feed is still up and going strong.  Hit us up: @LEMURComics
  • I’ve been preaching Atomic Robo for some time now. has all 5 of the trades on sale right now.  Do yourself a favor and pick up an amazing title.

That’s it for this week, and my running pull list has been updated.  What looks good to you?

This Week’s Comics

A pretty light week for me this time around, and to be honest, not one I’m exceptionally fired up for.  This week sees a huge batch of DC #2 issues, and in a rare display of good planning, the release of all the first issue reprints for this week’s titles.

  • AXE COP BAD GUY EARTH TP – If you missed out on the Dark Horse mini series (all original material, not reprints from the webcomic) do yourself a favor and pick up this little burst of insanity.  I snagged the mini when it came out and may still pick this up for the extra material.
  • HULK #42 – Jeff Parker’s Hulk has been a revelation.  You should be reading this, especially if you like giant monsters hitting each other (which I do).
  • ROGER LANGRIDGES SNARKED #1 – I was very surprised that I didn’t love the Snarked zero issue, but I’ve been pleased with Langridge’s work so far to give a full issue a shot.
  • SUPERIOR #5 (OF 6) – Mark Millar Presents Mark Millar’s Captain Marvel returns after a long absence…So long that I forgot it hadn’t been finished yet.  Still, it’s a decent enough title to keep picking up, even if it sounds like I’m damning it with faint praise.
  • X-MEN SCHISM #5 (OF 5) – I was up in the air about this one until I read Chris Sims’ review, which reaffirmed my Jason Aaron love.

That’s it for this week.  My pull list has been updated and the back issue search continues.  What are YOU looking at?

This Week’s Comics

Fun stuff this week!  Here’s what I’m looking at this time around.

  • 100 PENNY PRESS TRANSFORMERS CLASSICS #1 – I’m sure I’ve got anything IDW may reprint from the Marvel run, but I feel an obligation to support the $1 books I’m interested in.
  • BATMAN AND ROBIN #25 – Is it strange that I’m thinking about stopping all of DC’s books seeing as how they “won’t matter” in a couple months?  
  • BLUE ESTATE #4 – I’ve given up on this one.  It started out as an intriguing noir title, but from month to month I’m confused about what’s happening and feel like the real scoop is on their web site. Thanks but no thanks.
  • FEAR ITSELF #4 and FLASHPOINT #3 – The summer event onslaught continues.
  • GODZILLA KINGDOM OF MONSTERS #4 – I’m anticipating this will be my favorite book of the week.  Love, love, love Kingdom of Monsters!
  • HULK #36 and THUNDERBOLTS #160 – Well, any week that has two Jeff Parker books coming out is a good one.

I haven’t read any of the new titles I picked up last week, instead getting almost current on Action Comics.  Expect word of that one soon.

For reals, I’ve updated my pull list spreadsheet to show all of the books I’ve been picking up lately.  I had gotten a bit behind in updating it, but I’ve also been picking up just about everything I’m looking for.  Action took longer than I’d hoped, but so far the only book I’m having real trouble with is FF (Which is killing me). Although, maybe it’s just the excuse I need to snag them as collections instead.

That’s it for me.  Don’t forget this week’s comics are still coming out on Wednesday.  What are YOU looking at?

This Week’s Comics

There’s a healthy helping of good material out this week. Here’s what I’m looking at.

  • ASTONISHING SPIDER-MAN WOLVERINE #5 (OF 6) – Though I haven’t picked up any issues (yet), Jason Aaron writing Spidey AND Wolverine is a no-brainer.
  • BATMAN INCORPORATED #4 – After being MIA for so long, to get 2 issues in 3 weeks seems pretty strange, but I’m not complaining about getting more Morrison Batman.
  • CAPTAIN AMERICA AND BATROC #1 – Just because I’m a sucker for the terrible idea that is Batroc.
  • FF #1 – I’m all over this book, and I’m even into the idea of having Spider-Man on the team, but the only reason I can think of to change his costume is to sell toys. See also: X-Force.
  • GREEN LANTERN #64 – The War of the Green Lanterns starts here, and curiosity is enough to make me give this one another try.
  • HULK #31 – This should have been on my list the whole time, because of Jeff Parker. It’s almost like he can’t lose.

One book that missed the list last week was the Iceman & Angel one-shot. However, Friend of the Blog Andrew told me how great it was and it’s written by Brian Clevenger (of Atomic Robo fame and the best story in last month’s Skullkickers #6) and featuring Goom, so onto the list it goes.

My running pull list has been updated, and that’s it for this week. What are YOU looking at?

This Week’s Comics … For Real, This Time

Sorry for the delay getting the look at this week’s books up…and the admittedly confusing images to go along with it.  Sometimes — loathe as I may be to admit it — I have to prioritize other things in front of comics.  I promise not to make a habit of it. Here’s this week’s comics of note.

  • ATOMIC ROBO DEADLY ART OF SCIENCE #2 (OF 5) – I’m coming late to Atomic Robo, but after dipping my toe in the water with issue #1 on this mini I’ve picked up the second trade (expect a review soon) and am scouring my local comic shops for more.  Please allow me to set the stage: an atomic-powered robot in the 1930s fights gangsters and finds a costumed crime-fighter.  And if that doesn’t pique your interest, it can’t be done.
  • BATMAN #705 – I am incredibly disappointed in how little interest I have in the main Batman title right now.  Tony Daniel is doing passable work, but nothing revolutionary.  At this point, with something like 15 monthly series, it’s a let-down that this isn’t the tentpole book.
  • BATMAN AND ROBIN #18 – I’m still looking forward to the second part of Paul Cornell’s BaR arc even though the first was fairly unremarkable.
  • GREEN LANTERN #60 – I’m officially off this one.  A book about intergalactic space cops with magic power rings shouldn’t be so dull.
  • THUNDERBOLTS #151 – Every issue of this book fires me up more than the one before.  Last month’s issue, with the Avengers visiting Thunderbolts Island, was a lot of fun.  Jeff Parker keeps setting the bar higher and higher.

Before looking at the books I read last week, I owe an apology to everyone involved with Fables #100.  It was 100 pages with no ads and TPB binding for $10, making it 10 cents per page and cheaper than a traditional monthly comic or — the equivalent of a 5-issue collection — a regular trade paperback.  I’m eating my words, DC.  Well done.

I don’t know what gave me my preconceptions about 27, but they were wrong.  Still, this was an incredibly good book by two creators I had never read before.  Garland is a guitarist who loses the ability to use his hands and searches the world to find a cure…only to be turned into <SPOILERS> a cyborg who can see ghosts.  The script by Cheis Soule is compelling and grabs you immediately.  The art by Renzo Podesta does an excellent job at telling the story, with a sparse style that reminds me of Ben Templesmith.  Also, kudos to the creative team and Image for printing the book at Golden Age size.  That’s a great touch that makes 27 stand out.

Last week’s best book (again) was Knight and Squire, though.  Our titular heroes are forced to confront resurrected kings of Britain’s past given super-powers.  There’s nothing more I can say to convince you to give this book a shot other than this: Paul Cornell has Richard III speak in iambic pentameter, a la Shakespeare.

That’s it for me.  What are YOU looking at?