Jonah Hex — Secrets!

Mah horse’s name is Bullet. After yer mama.


Yew wanna know how I got th’ scars? Th’ real story is at


If that sumbitch Chris Claremont tries to dialogue me again ah’ll
murder every Guthrie from Kentucky to Westchester County.


Ah really did mount Mr. Gatling’s gun to mah horse but it didn’t shoot bullets, it shot syphilis.


The hat was from mah mama, who won it off Col. J.E.B. Stuart in a card game.


Game Tape

The euphoria of Wednesday books has worn off; now it’s time to review the game tape and see what worked and what didn’t.

This week was pretty good with a surprise or two to boot!

I’m really digging Andy Clarke’s art on this Batman and Robin arc. He’s got those interesting Quietly layouts and physiques without the puffy/lumpy faces. This week’s #11 was really good too. I can’t tell you how glad I am that the whole “Return of Bruce Wayne” is both fast paced and brief. He’s integrated this into a solid story involving Talia and Daimian. This is more like the brilliance I’ve been expecting from Morrison.

It must be nice to have so many crazy ideas rattling around in your head. For Morrison even the lower tier thugs and henchmen have interesting names and look like they have interesting back stories to boot. Even if they’re one use villains, it’s miles and away above the generic and nameless street toughs we so often see Batman and Robin dealing with.

Jesse’s dubious about SHIELD #1 and it’s $4 price tag. After seeing the issue and it’s higher page count, I picked it up. In addition I was hooked by the title of this issue: “The Unholy Resurrection of Leonardo Da Vinci. Further, since I’m mostly enjoying Hickman’s time on Fantastic Four, it didn’t seem unreasonable to pick it up. It’s an interesting and fun ride so far, both the art and the story itself were enjoyable. I mean, you can’t go wrong with Leonardo Da Vinci gearing up for a battle IN THE SUN… among other crazy things.

Confession time: I’ve been picking up The Boys since the beginning. Why? Garth Ennis can craft interesting characters and stories why entertaining with gratuitous and wholly inventive (and deeply disturbing) violence. Darrick Roberts is also at the top of his game here. I mention the series now because this week’s issue stood out for me. Mid arc and the plot continues to deepen without feeling stretched out. It’s also the first issue in a while that isn’t overly offensive…merely normally offensive. My dealer and I were talking about it yesterday, and both of us are amazed that this series has lasted. It’s consistently as cynical as Wanted was, yet it manages still to be good. Puzzling. It really shouldn’t be as good as it is.

G.I. Joe: Cobra II #3 was entertaining and promises of Cobra Commander next issue!!!!

Menasor comes together and things fall apart for “Rodimus” and his group of deserters in Transformers: Ongoing #5.

If you’re not reading Jonah Hex, you’re missing out on one the most consistently good books of any genre. Palmiotti and Gray, among others, are crafting excellent done in one stories with a couple of multi-issue arcs per year.

Muppet Show #4 was out this week too. I’ll get it next…

I also picked up Doom Patrol and a couple of other books. Those can wait for this issue.