Game Tape

Before we get to the reviews, I’d like to make two super-points:

1. JMS will leave Superman with issue 706. He didn’t even write six issues! This number is no where near the year’s worth of stories DC and JMS were promising. I believe all that is left for me is to quote Dr. Sheldon Cooper, “I informed you thusly.”

2. Absolute All-Star Superman might be the greatest comic I own.

It would have been nice to have Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #6 before either of the last two issues of Batman and Robin. What is it about “returns” that make publishers sloppy with the calendar? In an ideal world, B&R #16 would have come out the same week as B: tRoBW #6 so that they could serve as companion pieces. This delay weakened them both. On the other hand, if you didn’t catch that the Bat-god was actually the Omega-Sanction weapon, it is explained again here. It’s Morrisony in that way that leaves me thinking to hard at the end.

One thing I can say for sure is that from Final Crisis until now, Morrison is the only person I’ve seen that treats Darkseid and the New Gods properly*. They should be highly conceptual and ape-shit crazy in scale. I didn’t get why Darkseid should be the ultimate baddy in the DCU until these books. He’s not just another dictator with designs on Earth. He’s not just another guy for Superman to punch really hard. He’s an idea. You can’t stop an idea with fists, gadgets, and rings.

Those of you who were not a fan of the refrigerator scene in the last Indiana Jones movie will want to avoid Transformers #13. On the other hand, it’s worth having a look at to see which Decepticon gets an extreme make over. Things are building to something decidedly big in the coming months.

I’m enjoying Avengers: Children’s Crusade. I really enjoyed the Young Avengers book when my student teach bought it for me as a thank you gift. It’s fun and action packed. But issue three of CC seemed like it could have used a little less of Quicksilver and Magneto being Quicksilver and Magneto. Still, you can’t go wrong with DR. DOOM.

Anyone out there reading Jeff Parker’s Hulk book? Is it worth looking at if I’ve never been that into The Incredible Hulk?