LEMUR Sunday Night at the Movies

With the leak and then official release of the X-cast photos this week, I thought back to that GL post from last November. First Class is set in the 1960’s, but what would an X-Men movie look like if it were from the 1960’s/1970’s? What if an X-movie had been made during the Neal Adams era of the team, circa 1970? As with last time, I’m working under the assumption that the movie would be a big budget affair with an all-star cast.

Although he wasn’t getting much panel time in the late 1960’s, you couldn’t have an X-movie without the X, Professor X. Bald, intelligent, and nigh stoic says one person: Yul Brynner. Outside of the look, he’s got the perfect voice to say, “To me, my X-Men!” Besides, what else was he doing in the early 1970’s, prepping for “Westworld”? On the flip side, in the adversarial role would be Jason Robards as Magneto. Robards had an interesting charisma and manic look at times that fits with the Magneto of the 1960’s/’70’s.

Moving on to our Merry Mutants, we’ll start with the leader: Scott, Slim, Summers, a.k.a. Cyclops.

During this era, we were finally past the pining for Jean every fifth panel phase, but not past the whole, “I can’t open my eyes a fraction of an inch…” Still, Scott had also proven to be an effective leader. There’s an earnestness and calm strength in his character in this time period. Richard Thomas showed these characteristics as the eldest son on The Waltons. Thomas also has the tall slender build, and if we are to believe the picture at right, the same fashion sense. Slap a visor on him and you’re done.

With his easy smile and clean cut good looks, a young Kurt Russell fits the bill for high flying Angel. For the youngest of the X-Men, Ron Howard would bring exuberance to the role at an age between this tenures as Opie Taylor and Richie Cunningham. With an air of intelligence and fun, Jeff Bridges could easily fill the tights of the Beast. Rounding out the quintet of mutant teens, is the lovely Jane Seymour. No good reason here other than I’d like to see a young Jane Seymour running around in a green mini-skirt.