This Week’s Comics

In order to make up for the lack of comics I picked up last week, Rao has smiled upon me with a pretty healthy release of comics this week. Here’s what I’m looking at.

  • BATMAN RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE #5 (OF 6) – Despite my uncertainty about the upcoming Batman, Inc, I’ve really been enjoying Bruce’s return to the present more than I expected. And having recently re-read  Batman R.I.P. and Final Crisis, this is making a lot more sense.  (For example, now I remember the rocket in issue #1 was launched in the last issue of Final Crisis.)
  • BRUCE WAYNE THE ROAD HOME BATGIRL #1, BATMAN & ROBIN,OUTSIDERS #1, and RED ROBIN #1 – What I pick up will depend on either a flip test or the creators involved.  Since they’re all $2.99, though, I’m not as afraid to experiment with them.
  • GREEN LANTERN #58 – GL is back on notice.  You’d think a book that puts Larfleeze in Las Vegas would be more interesting.
  • IMAGE FIRSTS MADMAN – It’s always a treat to look at Mike Allred’s art, and the start of Madman — the book where he made his name — will be a nice place to revisit.
  • KNIGHT & SQUIRE #1 (OF 6) – I haven’t been a big fan of Knight and Squire in their recent appearances, but I learned to love Paul Cornell from his work on Captain Britain and MI-13.   Since that book’s cancellation, I’m really looking forward to this.
  • STRANGE TALES 2 #1 – The $5 price tag means there will have to be some strong content and extra pages, but the first Strange Tales was excellent, and I’m really glad that Marvel is keeping this one going.
  • SUPERIOR #1 (OF 6) – I’m growing increasingly tired with the “what if Superman was a douchebag” analogues we keep seeing.  I’m giving Millar the benefit of the doubt, but the first issue is really going to have to bowl me over.
  • SUPERMAN #703 – Hey, they’ve gotten out 3 issues in 3 months. I owe Matt 5 bucks.
  • X-BABIES CLASSIC TP GN VOL 01 – I only point this out to mention that “X-Babies Classic” is an oxymoron.

Well, Matt’s review of Chaos War #1 won me over.  I picked it up and thought it was pretty good.  I’m somewhat behind on Herc-related happenings, not having read Assault on New Olympus or the Death mini, but it was easy enough to get up to speed.  I take issue with Herc calling himself a fool, as he’s always seemed boistrous but not foolish, but I imagine if anyone has valid insight into his character, it’s Pak and Van Lente.  I’m looking forward to seeing how this plays out.

That’s it for me.  What are YOU looking at?

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