This Week’s Comics

A VERY interesting batch of comics this week.  Here are the noteworthy titles coming out on Wednesday.

  • COMIC BOOK COMICS #6 (OF 6) – I wouldn’t have given this a second thought, but Comics Alliance mentioned this title the other day, by Action Philosophers team Fred Van Lente and Ryan Dunlavy.  So, despite it being the last issue of a miniseries I’m going to snag it.
  • FANTASTIC FOUR #600 – And the original name and numbering of the FF’s title returns, as we all knew it would, to live alongside FF. 
  • GODZILLA KINGDOM OF MONSTERS #9 – This is make or break time for KoM, as diminishing returns move this from a must-read to a thing I’ve been reading.  Make this a good one, IDW.
  • INFINITE #4 – The Rob.
  • MILK & CHEESE DAIRY PRODUCTS GONE BAD HC – Milk and Cheese — Evan Dorkin’s series about dairy products gone bad — was very much a product of it’s time.  But that’s not to say there’s not some high-quality laffs in with all that mayhem.  And now all the strips are collected in one hardcover!  While I don’t recommend reading more than 2-3 at once (the gags tend to get repetitive), I do recommend this book.
  • POGO COMP SYNDICATED STRIPS HC VOL 01 – I’ve been looking forward to Fantagraphics’ kickoff of Walt Kelly’s Pogo run for quite some time. They do such a great job with their other collections I expect nothing less than greatness here.
  • TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES ULT COLL HC VOL 01 – For $50 I doubt I’ll pick this up immediately, but if you’ve been looking for an Absolute edition of the original TMNT run, this is the book for you.  I admit, I have been…
  • WOLVERINE AND X-MEN #2 – By all accounts Jason Aaron’s new X-Title has been a revelation.  Onto the pull list it goes.

Call me crazy, but I really dig this layout.

Ditto this panel. Strong work here. It’s been remarkably difficult to sort out my feelings on Godzilla Legends #1.  To a certain extent it feels like a cash-in.  Without big-name creators like Eric Powell or John Layman, it seems a bit like a try-out book.  We’re dumped in the middle of the story without any clue as to who the (human) characters are, what they do, or what this “G” logo everywhere is.  In fact, writers Matt Frank and Jeff Prezenkowski spends more time establishing Anguirus as the Hank Pym of kaiju than anything else. Frank’s artwork is fine, but somewhat inconsistent in his depictions.

And yet…there are some really strong moments that won’t let me dismiss the book.  I mean, the underdog thing really works for me, as they set up Anguirus as a monster who’s never won a battle and yet still fights as hard as he can.  And for Frank’s lack of polish, there are some really nice layouts and panels that really make me see his vision.  While I’m not sure how long I’ll want to stick with this one, there’s real potential here, and since Kingdom of Monsters is drifting somewhat aimlessly it’s nice to get a series of done-in-one stories.

But no matter what you think of the points I’ve made so far, this is indisputable:

Art Adams’ cover is INSANE.

Apparently proving that I’ll give anything recommended by Chris Sims a shot, I picked up Mudman #1.  Paul Grist’s work on Kane and Jack Staff never really clicked for me, but I wanted to give his work another shot. Mudman seems to be more in the Grist style.  That is, good, cartoony art and a somewhat scattered story.  Like the protagonist, I spent most of the issues somewhat confused.  And whether it was intentional or incidental the drifting between the real action and hallucination/dreaming wasn’t differentiated enough.  I’ll give it another issue to decide for sure, but if you like Grist’s past work there’s no reason this will let you down.

That’s it for this week and I’ve updated my running pull list.  What are YOU looking at?