A while back I did a post featuring mustaches on various characters. For no other reason than it amuses me, I’m returning to that idea. Here are some Justice League of America members sporting their favorite ‘stache styles.

Son, don't make me climb out of your mother's bed to kick your ass!

Sorry ladies, this dreamboat is spoken for.

Martians don't really "get" the whole mustache concept

Ladies, want to see how many of us can fit in the back of my Chevy Nova? We'll fit more without our clothes.

Superman, P.I. Eat your heart out Selleck

My evil twin: bad weather friend

Guys, this lack of comics has made me a little loopy. The effect being that this post promises to be more than a little odd. It’ll probably only be amusing to me. Sorry in advance.

Coupled with listening to TMBG and thinking about Star Trek‘s “Mirror Mirror” and that episode of Southpark, I give you: If they had and evil twin!

ortseD finally gets the joke about mustache rides.

enaL sioL of eartH htraE

emirP sumitpO is dessip at you.

steW madA's namtaB is gonna get you sucka!

naM-redpiS is totally rocking the walrus.


I could do this all night, but I’ll stop after this last one.

In this case, it's lriG lerriuqS's other mustache...

Commissioner Gordon…SECRETS

Of course I know who Batman is. Some cop I'd be otherwise. His real name is Armin Tamzarian. Lives in a big house over on Broad St. Right?


Yeah, the Joker is a scary guy. But you know who gives me the hee-bee geebees? Crazy Quilt. The guy's got CRAZY in his name for pete's sake!


One year during a budget crunch, GCPD rented the Bat-signal to a used car lot. Batman wasn't too happy. Screw you Richie Rich!


Dick Grayson? Sure I know him. Don't like him much. You know...circus people.