Also-Rans and Never-Wases

Not everyone is quite ready for the big show. Of all Professer Xavier’s students, not all of them make the X-Men, some of them get bumped to AAA ball (aka The New Mutants). And then some mutants are
just cut from the team and become never-wases. These are some of those mutants.

  • This mu-tant ain't gonna make the Gold Team.


  • Le Petomane

  • Switzerland, The Man Who Walks Like a Neutral Country

  • Sparkles

  • The 8-bit Kid

  • El Guapo

  • Swingline – with the ability to create staple-like fasteners out of finger and toenails

  • Thursday

  • Ted the Mutant

  • 1-Up, who can beat any video game without ever losing a life

  • Average, the exact center of any bell curve