What Are We Gonna Do With All These Villains?

Okay, now you’ve caught your villain…What are you going to do with him? Not every prison is a Blackgate, Vault, or Arkham. Some are well-intentioned but poorly designed. Others are just…bad. For this week’s LIST we present:

The Worst Fictional Prisons, Asylums, and Institutes (1953-1985, inclusive)

  • Glass Ceiling Correctional Facility for (Excessively Ambitious) Women

  • Hostess Cream-Filled Prison

  • Titanic, the Inescapable Prison

  • Batroc’s Oubliette and Ball Pit

  • B.L.Z. Bubb’s

    Island Boot Camp

  • Gizmonic Institute for the Marginally Unhinged

  • Holiday Inn-sane Asylum

  • Sivana Institute for the Criminally Scientific

  • Mountain Dew Presents: X-Treme Alcatraz

  • Dodds Penitentiary of Sleepy Guards

  • Mitch Wacky’s Sanitarium and Fun Park

  • A. Rekoj’s Psychotherapy Pshack