This Week’s No Comics

Last week I was tempted by new releases like no week in recent memory. Specifically, both GL #50 and JLA #41 piqued my interest and passed the flip test.  Green Lantern, was especially hard to pass up because of curiosity and because a guy in my LCS that afternoon was trying to convince me how good it was.  Still, Matt’s word counts more than strangers at the comic shop, so I stuck to his guns and passed on them.

And this week?  There’s nothing coming out for me.  Again.  Milestone Forever looks intriguing, but I never read the original comics in the early 90’s (I really should try to find some sets on ebay).  Siege #2 is out, but in addition to the $4 price tag, I apparently completely missed #1.  Ghost Rider: Heaven’s on Fire wraps up this week, which is fairly exciting news.  I’m hoping to be able to pick up the complete set and read the finale of Jason Aaron’s run very soon.

Since there’s so very little else to talk about, I’ll mention that I tore through the Ghost Rider: Danny Ketch miniseries yesterday, and while it didn’t capture some of the subtleties make Jason Aaron’s run on GR so excellent, it definitely took its style and tone from Aaron’s run.  This means that if you’re like me and looking for some solid Ghost Rider to tide you over until Heaven’s on Fire wraps up, this is the book for you.

Danny Ketch fills in the blanks between the end of Ketch’s 90’s series and his reappearance in the most recent series, and it reads very much like how I imagine a Warren Ellis Ghost Rider comic would read.  Two years previously Danny Ketch had the Rider exorcised from him by an Ellisian “technomagical uber-punk voodoo woman”.  Ketch is now essentially a junkie looking for a Ghost Rider “fix” now, trying to get the high back.  He’s told (and we learn) that the Ghost Riders are too powerful and become unstable, and Ketch is given the charge to work for Heaven and reabsorb the Riders of the world.

The junkie aspect is played a little heavy (from the title page, it appears that the original name of the story was “Ghost Rider: Addict,”) but it makes sense and is a nice take on the concept.  Danny is essentially the Alan Scott of Ghost Riders: tied to the larger brotherhood but essentially a freak accident.  It’s also nice to see Shoba Mirza (she’s the Hindu Ghost Rider with the flaming elephant) again, though she’s the only other Rider we get to see.

The next time I read something with Ghost Rider, I want to see the Shark Rider involved.  Still, this is a fun, quick story that answers some big questions from the main story.

That’s it for me for this week.  What are YOU getting?