Because sometimes you need to show a little patriotic spirit

When you think of patriotic comic book characters, you probably immediately think of Captain America or Superman’s fight for truth, justice and the American Way. For my money though, no one screams love of country more than Prez Rickard. Why? Let’s forget for the moment that he was created by Joe Simon, making him the younger brother of Captain America. Never mind his pedigree, what about his track record?

The kid had the stones to run for congress, change the constitution, and become president all before his 21st birthday.

Check out his adventures. Where else are you going to see a leather pants wearing Native American as head of the FBI, or Prez’s own mother as Vice President? You can usually pick them up for a decent price, and it’s only four issues…five if you count the coda that Neil Gaiman and Mike Allred gave us in Sandman #54.

Happy 4th of July!!