In this day and age it’s easier than ever to keep tabs on friends, family, and nemeses. Especially if you want to let those same people know where you are and what you’re up to. For the Bat-family the Twitter is the preferred method of announcing thoughts and events. This week we take a peek at tweets that were posted to @Batfamily.

Hey, kids, guess whose face I have this week?  #BruceWayne


@HUSH_SHHHH @THE_BAT Your mama’s?

Need an In-N-Out Burger!  Who’s in? #Seriously

Can’t leave the cave. Bring me 3X3 w/extra stinkers plz. @PussyCat

Removing blood from kevlar? Thoughts? #laundryday

Couldn’t find my cowl this morning. Slept in it! #TIREDFAIL

Sometimes I miss Bludhaven #BAZINGA!

If we get 10,000 followers, I’ll post nude pics of Selina Kyle. #SCHWING!

@RedHood seen my crowbar?  I seem to have misplaced it.
Looking 4 new butler/major domo. He doesn’t keep the soup warm.
@THE_BAT It’s supposed to be cold #vichyssoise
Howz the back? Hurt in cold weather? @THE_BAT
Howz the voice? @BROKE_THE_BAT
sTFU!!!!!!!1!!!!!!! @THE_BAT

Superhero Confidential

Why has this watery ward with violet viewers been seen in seedier parts of the Pacific propositioning porpoises?

Why was this watery teen propositioning porpoises in a seedier part of the Pacific?

Why was this teen girl caught stealing Hostess fried pies from a New York 7-11? Claims she was rehearsing for a commercial.

Is this boy a human/ sheep hybrid? He's not talking, but DNA test results inside!

Local boy rescued from cave filled with strange phallic symbols, handcuffs, and boxing gloves. Raving Queen proclaims innocence.

Playboy parades new pantless playmate at parties. PTA groups ponder prosecution.