This Week’s Comics

I’ve officially run out of things to say about these light weeks.  With my pull list it’s apparently feast or famine.  Here are this week’s new and noteworthy titles.

  • IT GIRL & THE ATOMICS #2 – Even without Mike Allred’s direct involvement the first issue was a lot of fun.  Big, BIG ups to Mike Norton for capturing the light-hearted spirit of an Atomics book while keeping his own distinctive style. 
  • PUNK ROCK JESUS #3 – This book right here?  This book right HERE?  It is INCREDIBLE.  Jump on now so you can tell the kids you read it when it came out.
  • ROCKETEER CARGO OF DOOM #2 – If you a) like Waid and Samnee on Daredevil, b) like The Rocketeer, or c) both, this book is a fun romp, full of secret agents, jet packs, and Americana.

That’s it for this week.  What looks good to you?

This Week’s Comics

It’s a light week this time around, mainly due to the lack of DC titles, dedicating an entire week to the end of Flashpoint and the start of the new DCU.  Here’s what’s noteworthy this week.

  • GOON #35 – Any week with The Goon is a Good Week.
  • JUSTICE LEAGUE #1 – Johns.  Lee.  Darkseid.  This is how a new universe begins.
  • ROCKETEER ADVENTURES #4 (OF 4) – This has been a seriously good title, with some all-star talent. 

And, I suppose that’s it for this time around.  I’ve updated my pull list for this week.  What are YOU looking at?

This Week’s Comics

Yesterday’s review of Black Dynamite: Slave Island turned into our biggest day ever.  Thank you and welcome to all the Black Dynamite Facebook page and StumbleUpon users.  Some other pages you may enjoy while you’re here:

But now’s the time in our show when I take a look at this week’s releases and narrow them down to the books I think are noteworthy.  It’s a very Marvel-centric week this time around. 

  • ADV OF DR MCNINJA TP VOL 01 NIGHT POWERS – Chris Sims has been talking up this book for quite a while, and Christopher Hasting’s War Rocket Ajax appearance has convinced me to pick this one up.
  • AVENGERS #13
  • BATMAN #710
  • HERC #3 – Wasn’t Herc #2 released just two weeks ago?  Curious…
  • HEROES FOR HIRE #7 – Ditto for the last issue of H4H.  If Marvel’s new publishing strategy is putting out their best books more frequently, I’m on board with it.
  • HULK #33 – I’ve never been a huge Hulk fan, but I AM a big Jeff Parker and Gabriel Hardman fan, so I’m trying to get caught up here.  Just trying to pick up a few more issues so I can get completely up to speed.
  • ROCKETEER #1 100 PENNY PRESS – I’ve never read Dave Stevens’ most famous work, though I’ve heard great things about it, especially this new collection, so I’m excited to get a taste before plunking down the $20.

Speaking of up to speed, I caught a huge sale and am now current (or, mostly current) with Chris Roberson’s Superman, Thunderbolts, and Jason Aaron’s Wolverine.  Expect reviews of three month-old comics later in the week.

Because of said sale, my 2011 running pull list is looking a lot more complete.  Check it out, and expect a rundown soon.

That’s it for me.  What are YOU looking at?