The City’s Worst Villains

The City has seen more than it’s fair share of villains.  From The Terror, to the Human Ton (and Handy!), to The Man-Eating Cow, there’s never been a lack of shady characters representing the forces of evil. Fortunately for The City, there is…The Tick!  And for this week’s LIST we present Lesser-Known Villains of The City. 

  • The New York Times List of Books

  • The ULTRA-hipster

  • The League of Evil Teachers

  • Terrorgold

  • The Five Footed Iamb (notorious for his Rhyme Scheme of 1987)

  • The Lejion of Mispelers

  • The World’s Smallest Godzilla

  • The Bay City Bouffants

  • Shaquille O’Neal

  • Colonial FDR

  • The Bay City Bouffants

  • The Moustache That Ate Cleveland

  • Foam Rubber Conan the Barbarian

  • The Luxembourg Parliament

  • El Goat

  • The Nightmare of San Diego

The Tick — Secrets!

My original battle cry was “SPORK!” until the lawyers from the Popeye’s Corporation called.


I started to train in ninjitsu until I came to my senses and entered a mental institution.


I once called the police on a suspicious stranger in Arthur's apartment, but it turned out to just be a mirror. A SUSPICIOUS mirror!


Thanks to Handy's Book Club, I've now read 15 separate words of The Odyssey.