A Heaping Helping of Random Links for Your Weekend

  • First off, to counteract the comic blog world’s fixation with  Christmas, Happy Hanukkah (or Chappy  Chanukah) to all of the Jewish comic book readers out there (there must be SOME).  Rather than making my own, I thought I would link to some lists of Jewish comic book characters.  For you.  For Christmas.
  • The Onion in definitely on the right track with these DC Earth One graphic novels.  How many times can DC reinvent themselves? And shouldn’t they just be focusing on making the regular line more accessible?  For crying out loud, the Superman books don’t have Superman in them!
  • Marvel recreates Thriller a la Robot Chicken.  Sure M.O.D.O.K. is pretty amusing, but a company can’t really go for blood when they’re parodying themself, so it’s a little on the light side.

And a Happy Festivus for all of the Verdukian friends of L.E.M.U.R. Comics!