U-Decide: Our Next LIST

For our last LIST, Matt and I ran down all the topics we felt we could never, EVER use for our weekly list, either due to sheer tedium or inappropriateness.  However…

Well, some of them may have just been too good to pass up.  Therefore, we’re giving YOU a chance to pick one of our LIST topics.  Choose from our rejected LIST pool, and whichever choice is ahead by April 15 will become a real Friday LIST.

Which one will it be?  You decide!


Survery Says: Blackest Night!

A couple weeks ago our LIST was a series of polls gambling on the new Green Lantern movie.  Now that we’ve actually seen it, we can give some answers.

  • How many minutes into the movie before we see Hal with a GL ring?

If you answered 30-45 minutes, you win at 10:1 odds!

  • Number of times Kilowog will say “Poozer” (over/under 3.5)

Hopefully you took the “under,” because he only said it twice.  Of course, that was in about 30 seconds of each other, so you’re forgiven for thinking there would be many, many more.

  • Name check/cameo by one or more of the following DCU characters/ Comics creators

Other than a John Broome reference, I didn’t hear ANY other name drops, though the guy at my LCS claims to have heard a quick reference to “Guy”.  anyone else?

  • Will there be references to other Lantern Corps?

Yes!  The Sinestro Corps even got it’s logo in the movie, as did Star Sapphire, on Carol Ferris’s helmet.

  • Will Hal Jordan kiss Carol Ferris while wearing GL uniform

Of course!  And I believe it happened both with and sans mask.

  • Number of times the Green Lantern Oath will be recited (over/under 2.5)

Only twice did the oath get recited, both times by Hal Jordan.  Surprising, I expected to hear the entire Corps say it in unison at some point.  Hey, they did it at Comic-Con!

  • Odds on the film winning each of the following movie awards

We won’t know for many more months, but I’d still bet heavily on MTV.

  • Odds of the following Green Lanterns making appearances

I only think I saw Salaak.  Anyone else?  I just KNEW C’hp would be there, but I never saw him.

  • What useless atrocity will happen to one of Hal Jordan’s family members?

As everyone knows, Hal’s father died in a test plane.  Pushing someone’s mom down the stairs is what Geoff Johns did to Barry Allen.

In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night

Green Lantern — likely this summer’s biggest superhero movie — opens this Friday, June 16th.  Because Geoff Johns has been so hands-on, and we know Mr. Johns fairly well, we here at the L.E.M.U.R. Comics Blog have decided to turn this week’s list into gambling material*, and we present Gambling Lines for the Green Lantern Movie.

* Please understand that the only thing you’ll win from us is bragging rights, but we totally encourage you to play along with your friends.

annataZ FTW?

I’ve recently been reading some Dwayne McDuffie JL of A issue, and it has occurred to me that nothing take me out of a comic faster than trying to decipher her dialogue.  Which brings us to this week’s poll: how do you read her spellcasting?  And if you want to add any Zatanna-related comments below, feel free.