This Week’s Comics

Not just a BUNCH of fun releases this week, but spanning the widest range of styles and genres I can recall recently.  Here are this week’s new and noteworthy titles.
  • ATOMIC ROBO FLYING SHE DEVILS O/T PACIFIC #5 – This is somewhat new to me: an Atomic Robo series I’ve had a hard time getting in to.  But it’s still better than a majority of comics on the market, even if you’re trade-waiting for this one.
  • BLOODSHOT (ONGOING) #6 Consider that crow skinned, son.
  • BRAVEST WARRIORS #1 3RD PTG – It’s science-hero Adventure Time!  And if that appeals to you, hit up Bravest Warriors before it’s too late.
  • CROW SKINNING THE WOLVES #1 – James O’Barr, creator of the Crow, returns to his creation here.  And though new takes on the concept have all dropped like soggy noodles, I’ve got to give him the benefit of the doubt.
  • IMAGE FIRSTS – Image success stories Chew, Fatale, Manhattan Projects, Revival, Saga, Thief of Thieves, Walking Dead all get ONE DOLLAR reprints of their first issues this week.  EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM is well worth a buck and represents something NEW in the comic market — or the storytelling market in general.  Look at your New 52 or Marvel NOW budget, then see if you have seven measly dollars to support creator-owned comics.
  • LOVE AND CAPES WHAT TO EXPECT #5 – A Matt favorite, out this week.  Maybe we can get him to talk up this series soon.
That’s it for this week.  Expect reviews later in the week for Avengers #1, Thunderbolts #1, and Adventure Time #10, a comic SO FREAKING good I can’t decide if it’s better than #5, which I absolutely fell in love with.  What looks good to you?

Today’s Comics

Oh, Diamond…The reason I write this on Monday is because that’s when I have time to write!  When you post the new releases on Tuesday, that just messes everything up!  The good news, though?  Holy cats, there’s a ton of good comics coming out this week!  Here are this week’s new and noteworthy title.

  • ADVENTURE TIME MARCELINE SCREAM QUEENS #1 – I don’t know about this one. I lovelovelove the main Adventure Time title, but I’m not a huge Marcelline fan so I’m not as interested in her spin-off.  If it’s as good as the main book, though, it’ll be a winner.
  • ATOMIC ROBO REAL SCIENCE ADV #4 – <grumble> My LCS still hasn’t gotten issue #3 yet <grumble>
  • CHEW SECRET AGENT POYO #1 – So this is a Chew spin-off about a rooster, right?  Because that sounds AMAZING!
  • CROW #1 – Another book about a bird!  I’ve got to give ’em a chance, The Crow is a pretty solid character that has been let down by some bad writing.
  • DARK AVENGERS #177 – Issue 176 was back to the Jeff Parker Thunderbolts I’ve come to know and love, as Man-Thing returns and we get back to business as expected.
  • FANTASTIC FOUR ANNUAL #33 – I don’t know what’s more impressive, that Marvel’s putting out an annual or they’re continuing with the original numbering.  Well played, Marvel!
  • HOAX HUNTERS #1 – I liked the Zero issue except for the art, so with a new artist I have high hopes.
  • PUNK ROCK JESUS #1 – Sean Murphy’s preview art looks great and he’s earned the chance to show what he’s got writing.
  • TRANSFORMERS REGENERATION ONE 100 PG SPECTACULAR – Not sure what issues will be in here, but 100 pages for $8 works for me. 
  • YOUNGBLOOD #72 – Who’da thunk that Youngblood would have been such a highlight of The Rob’s Extreme relaunch?  It makes sense, since that’s the book that launched Image, but we’ve been let down before.  Worth a look, if you’re interested in the concept and want to give it a shot.

That’s it for this week.  What looks good to you?