Super Personals: The Hookup

Ahhhhh… love is in the air. It’s Valentine’s Day and we’d be remiss in neglecting how the Cape and Mask set celebrate the holiday.

Naturally, the Kents have romantic plans, as do the Allens, Richardses, and the countless other couples in comics.
How about the singles?

Ah…they put out ads in trade papers. Looking for love isn’t any easier when you commit or fight crime and or have phenomenal powers. Below you’ll find some personal ads from folks you might recognize.

SGM looking for SF: You’ll think I’m a mind reader because I’ll be the man (or woman) you need me to be. Don’t really like evenings by the fire place: my love will keep you warm. We can eat cookies in my bed. Isn’t it time to go green?

SWF looking for SM: Squirrly girl looking for the right nut ; ) Must be an animal lover, but not afraid to go out with a girl in  a fur coat. Preferably someone in the Great Lakes area.

DOOM demands SF: Must hate RICHARDS! . . . should also be okay with scars, robot duplicates, and tats. No fat chicks.

SPM seeking SPF: Don’t let my super intelligence freak you out baby. I can get down and dirty flinging my feces with the best of them. Should be open to world domination and human subjugation.

SMODOK seeks SMODAM: Let me be your Mental Organism Designed Only for LOVE. After dinner and a movie, we can add a whole new meaning to “bumping uglies.” Too forward? Face it, I’m a head in a chair. Any move is too forward.