Truly, this is the LIST of LISTS

Oh, we've THOUGHT about telling you where his nose went, but we kept it to ourselves.

We’ve been running our weekly LIST for a while now…82 weeks to be exact, which makes it one of our longest-running features..  We don’t give ourselves a lot of boundaries, but there are some things even we consider crossing the line.  For this week’s LIST we take you behind the scenes to LISTS We’ve Scrapped.  For one reason or another, these just were not  and could not make the cut.

  • Things found in Alan Moore’s beard

  • Superheroes’ Favorite Numbers

  • Heroes that are also Urban Dictionary Entries

  • Other Things Hank Pym Has Hit

  • Crimes that would land you in the Phantom Zone

  • Mutants Based on Kama Sutra Positions

  • Characters and Titles that never made it past the Comics Code Authority

  • Fish Aquaman Has Only Commanded Once

Wanna know the weirdest things ever found in these envelopes? Trust us, you don't.

  • Where to hide a body in Gotham City

  • Other characters Bob Kane has taken credit for

  • Aunt May’s Favorite Sex Toys

  • Distances measured in units of Wolverine

  • Ant-Man’s Trophy Room

  • Things Rob Liefeld Can Draw Better Than Anyone, Ever