Game Tape

Wednesday has come and gone. The heroes have fought their battles and villains have hinted at things to come. Now it’s time to review the game tape…

Pardon me if I mix up this week and last.

Honestly, I was buying Giffen’s relaunch Doom Patrol relaunch because of the Metal Men back up story. It’s not that I don’t like everyone’s favorite expendable heroes; it’s just that their story didn’t really interest me as much. Outside of the 1960’s and Grant Morrison, no one has made them as weird as they really should be. They always end up as another team run by a grumpy man in a wheelchair. Giffen has come close though. This Metal Menless issue was pretty good and it brings back one of my favorite aspects of Morrison’s run: Danny the Street. I’ll continue to give it a shot as long as it’s weird.

This remains one of the most consistent books I read. It’s always at least good. Mostly it’s great… if you can accept the abandon with which these characters commit some horrendous acts. This month’s issue starts of pretty basic mission to stop some crazies (acolytes of Brother Blood in this case). As always the character interactions are where it’s at. From the bromance of Deadshot and Catman to the burgeoning romance between Ragdoll and Black Alice, Gail Simone creates pitch perfect dialogue. The ending knocked my socks off. I can’t wait to read next month for the resolution of this cliff hanger.

If you ignore the maudlin ramblings of Thundercracker, the schemings of Hot Rod (referred to as Rodimus Prime) and Swindle are interesting. Like the autobots themselves, I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop on this alliance with the Decpticons. Taking place 3 years after Megatron’s defeat in All Hail Megatron, some of the transformers have come to see that the war is over and there’s no need for factions… maybe. Ultra Magnus’s appearance and subsequent disappearance doesn’t really make any sense though. Still, it’s a pretty good story as a whole.

The GI Joe books continue to be solid. This month Cobra completed the MASS device. Still loving the reinterpretation of Dr. Mindbender. On the other hand, we still have not seen a glimmer of a Cobra Commander. It’s almost making me crazy.

Ever wonder what Kurt Wagner would look like if he were normal looking? Checkout the latest issues of X-Men Forever. I can’t say enough good things about this title. You should be reading it if you were in love with the X-Men back in the 1990’s. It’s all that and a bag of chips.

That’ll round out this edition of Game Tape except to say that I really dig the mystery Morrison is setting up in Batman and Robin. I’m also glad to see some depth to Daimian finally. I’ll let Jesse go into more detail.