Thanksgiving List

Yesterday people all across America were celebrating Thanksgiving. On a satellite in geosynchronous orbit 22,300 above the Earth, some of the most powerful beings on the planet were celebrating in kind also. Here are some things overheard at the annual JLA/ JSA gathering.

“Does Batman know you’re wearing his clothes?” – Wally West to Dick Grayson

“Could you transmute Power Girl’s turkey into something edible?” – Stargirl to Firestorm

“Who put my flying harness on the turkey?” – Hawkman

“Whoever threw my franks and beans out the airlock is cruisin’ fer a bruisin’!” – Wildcat

“Where’s the table?”  – Dr Mid-Nite

“What was that great ethnic dish Vibe brought that year? Frito pie…?” –  Aquaman to J’onn

“No, no…The mile high club requires a plane!” – Hal Jordan to Power Girl

“I smell a mystery meat.” – Ralph Dibny

“And for dessert, Hostess Twinkies! Who doesn’t love those golden creme-filled tubes of deliciousness?” – Aquaman

“With my Kryptonian metabolism, that dessert will just go straight to my chest” – Powergirl to Vixen