The To-Read List

The other day I was talking to friend of the blog Andrew about how I finally started to read Scalped after meaning to for so long, and he suggested that we do a post about books we haven’t quite gotten around to yet.  This is a little different from our discussion on grails, because they’re not necessarily hard to find, it’s just  something we’ve been meaning to get to but haven’t.

I know I’ve been begging for suggestions a lot lately; I think with cover prices going up the way they are it’s harder to randomly sample.

  • Action Philosophers – This one is a bit of a cheat because I just snagged the first trade from the library, but only  barely.  After discovering how much I love Fred Van Lente’s work on Incredible Hercules and hearing him on the War Rocket Ajax podcast I’ve been pretty fired up to read this one.  Comedy and philosophy go together like beer and back bacon.  Just ask Monty Python.
  • Aztek: The UItimate Man – Okay, for this one there is some overlap with our column on grails, as #8 is one of the hardest books I’ve ever tried to find.  Back when Grant Morrison and Mark Millar were BFF’s they created Aztek, had him join the JLA, and uh…killed him.  I’ve read a couple issues, but I’m holding off on reading  anything new until I find this one.  last.  issue.
  • Avengers and Captain Marvel – Ever since the Infinity Gauntlet I’ve been a fan of the big purple guy.  I’m in the process of rounding up all of his original appearances from The Avengers and Captain Marvel.   And Marvel Two-In-One, and…
  • Grendel – Matt Wagner’s 80’s book Grendel has been built up into something of a legend.  Though trying out early-80’s indie books has never really worked out too well for me, this one has built up enough of a  mythology (and two Batman team-ups) that I feel obligated to give it a go.
  • Garth Ennis’ Punisher run – I loved Ennis’ first arc on The Punisher, “Welcome Back, Frank,” which got back to the core of the character and brought an all-new depth to the character.  I’ve never been a huge Punisher fan, though, so when he graduated to an ongoing series I couldn’t make the commitment. However, now that his work on the title has been complete for a while and collected in trades, I feel like the time has come to give it a real shot.  (The numerous accolades don’t hurt, either.)
  • Spawn (yes, Spawn) I think I’ve mentioned before that I would pop in on Spawn from time to time just to check in, and got completely disenfranchised when #100 rolled around with no real change or direction.  I was able to stick with that for several years, until Todd McFarlane came to the same conclusion and brought things to a conclusion with the “Armageddon” storyline, and I just had to see how things wrapped up.  I’ve also picked up (and really enjoyed) a few of the recent “Endgame” issues, and that coupled with guest art by The Rob and Erik Larsen have put these arcs on my search list.  I just recently finished filling in all of the holes, so expect a review soon.
  • The Proteus Saga – I think this was only two issues, but the  characters always refer back to it in such horrified tones that I need to know what set them off.  Add in Claremont and Byrne at the top of their game, and you’ve (potentially) got a must-read.

Is there something you haven’t made it around to yet?  Got a question about something you’ve been meaning to try?  Hit us up in the comments section.