Iron Man II Poster Released

First things first: This is awesome.  (I’m glad we could get that out of the way.)

I don’t get the love for War Machine in the new movie, though, unless it’s simple recognition of a familiar character. It’s such a mid-90’s concept: take an established character, throw a bunch of guns on him or her, then sit back and profit.  This is the thinking that gave us a mulleted Superman packing heat.  Seriously.  Superman.  With guns (and leg pouches, apparently).

Here’s the thing, 1990’s: cool characters are cool characters.  Adding guns does NOTHING.  Which brings me back to War Machine.  Iron Man is a billionaire playboy with a badass suit of rocket armor, full of gadgets, repulsor rays, and the like.  You know what it’s missing?  Not a chain gun!  That adds nothing to the character but weight.

So when I read/hear/see all the applause for War Machine in IM2, all I can think is: “And?”