Discussion Question

With Straczynski taking over Superman, I started wondering what’s more common: do you follow a creative team (writer and artist or one or the other) or do you follow a character. As frequently as the big titles take on “exciting new directions,” do many people read Superman regularly just for the character? I use Superman as an example, but it could be any title/ character.

Me, I’m tending to follow creative teams more. More accurately, I’ll stick with a book as long as the stories and creative teams are agreeable. I’m dropping Superman on the principle that JMS can’t finish a single thing he starts. I’ll buy anything Jeff Parker writes, but I’m becoming more discerning about Warren Ellis.

Like Matt, I tend to follow creators more than characters (and writers more than artists).  The one huge exception to this is Batman.  I won’t buy every title he’s in, but I get every issue of the main title regardless of how bad it gets (the two times I’ve temporarily dropped it were Larry Hama’s run and the War Games period, which goes to show exactly how much I’ll put up with).   I also tend to give a new creative team on a book I’m currently reading the benefit of the doubt if someone takes over.

So I put the question to you, good reader(s?), do you tend to follow a title for the character or for the voice behind the character?