This Week’s Comics

No intro this week, folks.  Let’s dive in.

  • ACTION COMICS #898 – More Lex Luthor goodness.  Is this happening in the mainstream DCU or an alternate dimension?
  • ATOMIC ROBO DEADLY ART OF SCIENCE #4 (OF 5) – I think it’s only been two weeks since the last issue and we get another?  WIN!
  • BATMAN ARKHAM ASYLUM SER 1 BATMAN AF – Not that I’m an espeically heavy gamer, but Arkham Asylum quickly became my favorite game ever. Any setting where I can be Batman, hang upside-down from gargoyles and tie up criminal is a winner in my book.  I don’t pick up many action figures, but I LOVE the designs on these and will be picking a couple up.
  • DC COMICS PRESENTS BATMAN CONSPIRACY #1 – Gotta pass the flip test, but okay.
  • DETECTIVE COMICS #874 – This still has Batman, right?  Okay, I’m in.
  • SECRET AVENGERS #10 – I’m a sucker for Avengers books, what can I say.

I had a pretty good weekend working my way through back issues, finishing the Incredible Hercules and the Wolverine: Manifest Destiny mini (more on that later).  Kill Shakespeare #1 was a nice little dollar book last week, and while I heartily agree with the sentiment, it really wasn’t for me.  Shakespeare’s characters are banding together in an attempt to stop him from ruining their lives, and while I think it’s a killer idea, it would appeal to me more if I was better-versed in The Bard’s work.  That’s my failing, not theirs.

My 2011 pull list has been updated. That’s it for me. What are YOU looking at?


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